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Taizhou Yingshi Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd

We are one of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of superior quality air cooler.Our range of air cooler includes axial air cooler and centrifugal air cooler,and also we are manufacturing variety of Air cooler body and air cooler related components,for exampble,fan blade,pre-filter,cooling pad,ball valve,auto drain valve and more. we produce a top-quality evaporative air cooler starting from the product design,mould development, plastic injection,and then installation all by ourselves. We have many quality stage products for client choose , different stage price will be different,and in our company , we don't have bad quality products , you can reassure about the quality. Of course,we can make OEM products and also can provide your own brand products , it's all by your request .
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Evaporaitve Air Cooler
Chunya And Yingshi
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Company: Taizhou Yingshi Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd
Address: No.350 Haifeng Road,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province,China
Telephone: 8618989673826
Fax: NA

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