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Paragon W/A Ltd

My company Paragon W/A Ltd has been the sole agent and distributor of pharmaceutical products and medical equipments in the West African Region. This company was established in the year 1995 with more than 23 senior staff, 10 board of directors and 36 workers. Our main duty is to distribute pharmaceutical products to the West African regional countries like ike Burkina Faso, Mali , Togo ,Senegal and Benin. We always receive mandate from most of the government approved organizations , NGOS and also humanitarian organizations as well. In this case we are not the financier / sponsors of this large purchase of goods from manufactures and distributors overseas. We are agent and distributor to the above mentioned organizations alike.

Product Details
Pharmaceutical Generic Medicines Products,Anti Malaria , Antibiotics And Multivitamins And Supplements,


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Company: Paragon W/A Ltd
Address: Carre 50 Surulere Bp 06 440Pk3 Cotonou Atlantic Province
Telephone: +229 9598 9547
Fax: +229 21 323549

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