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Anhui Astromagnet Co., Ltd, China

Being located in Lujiang country, Anhui province, a famous historical city facing the well-known beautiful Chao Lake, one of the top five Chinese fresh lakes, covering 45,000 sq. m, Anhui Astromagnet Co., Ltd, one lead manufacturer of magnet in China for more than 10 years. Our products range NdFeB magnet, Ferrite magnet, Flexible magnet, SmCo magnet, Alnico magnet, Magnetic Assemblies, etc. we supply products as per customers' requirements with high quality and reasonable prie, as well as professional service. Now, we have enjoyed high reputation from our Clients at home and abroad. "Quality First, Customers Important", we always stand by it forever. what we will do for you will turn out what we said. Pls believe in your kind Choice. we are always ready here to serve you.

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Magnet, Ndfeb Magnet, Ferrite Magnet, Flexible Magnet, Alnico Magnet, Smco Magnet, Magnetic Assemblies, Magnets


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Company: Anhui Astromagnet Co., Ltd
Address: No.278,Century Avenue, Lujiang Economic&Industrial Park, Chaohu City, Anhui,China
Telephone: 86055163757870
Fax: 86055163757867

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