Dubai rapidly emerging as the global investment hub in Africa

The leading trading partner of Africa in the GCC which is UAE, could be set to benefit from a surge in the growth of gross domestic product (GDP) across the African continent in the forthcoming years.Africa's GDP will grow 2.6 percent this year, however is relied upon to increment and a few specialists figure it could surpass China in future..... Read more »

Posted on : 1/25/2019

Ethiopia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia agreed to improve bilateral economic and investment ties

A announcement from the workplace of the advocate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed that the delegates delineated from the 2 countries have united to spice up their economic and investment relations. Ethiopia and also the Kingdom of Asian country (KSA) united to spice up bilateral economic and investment ties..... Read more »

Posted on : 1/22/2019

Greenply invests 11 million pounds in Africa's timber unit.

A leading company in the organised plywood industry Greenply Industries Ltd., has made an initial investment of €11 million (around ₹941 million) in a manufacturing unit in Gabon in West Africa..... Read more »

Posted on : 1/15/2019

$2.4tn worth Expo 2020 Dubai construction projects to drive demand for wood industry

The wood industry in the UAE is expected to boom over the next two years as the country ramps up construction activities ahead of the Expo 2020 Dubai. The wood and woodworking machinery industry will be impacted from themassive construction projects being executed as part of the build-up for the Expo 2020 Dubai..... Read more »

Posted on : 1/14/2019

Canadian Lucara Diamond fixates on African mine in 2019

On Tuesday Canada’s Lucara Diamond, the company that hit the jackpot in 2016 after finding the world’s second-largest diamond, said its priority this year will be the completion of a feasibility study into life-of-mine expansion and potential underground production for its Karowe project, in Botswana.... Read more »

Posted on : 1/9/2019

L&T wins $292mn worth of power contracts in GCC and Asia

The contracts have been awarded to Indian E&C firm for construction of substations.India’s engineering and construction firm, Larsen & Turbo (L&T) has announced that the company has secured $292 million worth of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) orders from GCC and South East Asian countries. .... Read more »

Posted on : 1/4/2019

$3bn highway project funded by US based Bechtel and Kenyan Gov't

Bechtel Corporation, an engineering, procurement, construction, and project management company and the largest construction company in the United States, is due to meet the Kenyan government as the two parties seek to find a financial solution to a hopeful massive highway project idea linking Nairobi and Mombasa..... Read more »

Posted on : 12/27/2018

Africa's longest suspension bridge opens up in Mozambique

Africa’s longest suspension bridge, the Maputo–Katembe Bridge in Mozambique costing a whopping US $750m has officially been opened to traffic. .... Read more »

Posted on : 12/20/2018

UAE to promote investment and trade with Nigeria

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) expressed their views with respect to deepening economic ties with Nigeria towards promoting investment and trade between the two countries..... Read more »

Posted on : 12/19/2018

The return of Russia to Africa - Egypt

During Russian President Vladimir Putin's earlier years, Russia-Egypt ties which were already on the rise have noticeably improved after Abdel Fattah al-Sisi became Egypt's president post the military coup of July 2013. In 2014 bilateral trade between the two countries doubled to $5.5 billion, in 2015 they held their first joint naval drills and military exercises in 2016. In March 2017 Russia also deployed special forces to Egypt on the Libyan border which signaled Russia's growing role in Libya..... Read more »

Posted on : 12/14/2018