Airport development to surge across Africa - Ethiopia

In recent times Africa has witnessed sweeping changes brought in by regional and global development banks, including the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation in the early 2000s, which has flourished accountability and transparency along with foreign investment thereby ending several decades of under-investment and mismanagement as well as poor safety records in air transportation..... Read more »

Posted on : 12/13/2018

UAE plans to develop underwater rail link between Dubai and India

UAE is planning to come up with an underwater rail link that will connect Dubai and India..... Read more »

Posted on : 12/10/2018

Africa's fastest train commences in Morocco

On Thursday the 15th of November Morocco inaugurated Africa's fastest train which will halve travelling time between the commercial and industrial hubs of Casablanca and Tangier..... Read more »

Posted on : 11/27/2018

UAE ramps up investments in Africa

African business leaders said that with investments made in energy, agriculture and banking among other sectors, global investor interest in Africa – including from the Arabian Gulf – has gathered momentum over the past year, but barriers still remain. .... Read more »

Posted on : 11/26/2018

Morocco and ITFC signs agreement

International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation has signed an agreement with Morocco in order to extend the cooperation within the borders of Arab - Africa Trade Bridges (AATB) program..... Read more »

Posted on : 11/26/2018

Egypt To Establish Fourth Generation Cities In The Near Future

20 new cities of the fourth generation are settled to be constructed in Egypt in bid to increase residential area, improve life quality and absorb population surge in the most populous Arab country..... Read more »

Posted on : 11/23/2018

Dubai launches $161m smart traffic systems project

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has given approval for a Dh590-million ($161 million) project that entails the upgradation and expansion of the smart traffic systems in Dubai..... Read more »

Posted on : 11/22/2018

Scania launches new truck range in the UAE

Scania has announced the launch of its¬¬ new and complete truck range in the UAE. Scania’s new truck generation is extending its offering, and with its unique modular system, supply more performance steps, connectivity, and a comprehensive palette of productivity-enhancing services as well as customized transportation solutions..... Read more »

Posted on : 11/16/2018

Uganda and UAE have signed a deal to establish one of the world's only agricultural free zone

Uganda and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have signed a deal to establish one of the world’s only agricultural free zones in a bid to enhance food security in the Emirates..... Read more »

Posted on : 11/16/2018

UAE's $5B Investment in India Food Corridor Project

The UAE, the largest Arab investor in India, will invest a further $5 billion in India-UAE food corridor project over the next three years, a senior official of the UAE Ministry of Economy said on Wednesday..... Read more »

Posted on : 10/26/2018