Giant vertical farm project in Dubai

Dubai will get the world’s largest vertical farm. This is an Indoor farm and is a $40 million venture among Crop One Holdings and Emirates Flight Catering, who say it’s a way of producing pesticide-free crops along with using a fraction of the water that traditional farming does..... Read more »

Posted on : 4/10/2019

Digital distributive agriculture enters Dubai

With a $40 million joint venture and a new office in Dubai, Sonia Lo, the CEO of Crop One Holdings is fighting for what she calls digital distributed agriculture, an emerging industry-wide infrastructure that works with her company’s indoor, vertical, hydroponic farms that grow heirloom lettuces, arugula, spinach and herbs..... Read more »

Posted on : 4/10/2019

Gulf Printing & Packaging: Energising towards future growth

In conversation with Mohamed Abou Khalid, CEO, Gulf Printing and Packaging, he mentioned that Gulf Printing and Packaging provides packaging materials for some of the leading brands in the Middle East.... Read more »

Posted on : 4/10/2019

Tata Motors & United Diesel Signs Financial Agreement with Emirates NBD

Tata Motors and its UAE distributor, United Diesel, have signed a deal with Emirates National Bank of Dubai (Emirates NBD) to offer financial services to the Indian automaker’s commercial vehicle customers.... Read more »

Posted on : 4/9/2019

Success in less than 2 years for W Motors: 400% Growth Rate

According to CEO Ralph Debbas, Dubai-based car manufacturer W Motors reveals 400% growth in less than 2 years and is holding off growth in Saudi Arabia as it's difficult to attract international talent to live in kingdom..... Read more »

Posted on : 4/8/2019

Dodsal Group, Dubai Hits US$8bn Natural Gas Deposits in Tanzania

The Dodsal Group, a Dubai-based business conglomerate presently operating in countries in MENA and East Africa region and India, has hit an huge cover of more than 2.7 TCF natural gas deposits on their onshore concession in Tanzania's exploration for oil and gas..... Read more »

Posted on : 4/4/2019

Governments of Rwanda and Qatar to enhance Trade Relations

The Governments of Rwanda and Qatar are on course to strengthen trade relations in multiple sectors including agriculture, technology, mining and transport..... Read more »

Posted on : 4/4/2019

Kuwait packaging company to start set up in Dubai

Gulf Printing and Packaging, CEO, Mohamed Abou Khalid, elaborates on the reasons behind setting up base at Abu Dhabi and Dubai while discussing expansion plans for the brand with GN Focus..... Read more »

Posted on : 4/2/2019

Middle East and North Africa packaging industry on all time high

MENA packaging industry poised for growth E-commerce among those fueling the rise of packaging consumption. Sales in packaging industry across the Middle East and North Africa will be worth AED268 billion this year..... Read more »

Posted on : 4/2/2019

Abu Dhabi's Exports Strikes $4.7 Million in Q4 2018

Three commodities contributed the most in the total value of exports of the business sector. These were, ‘Vehicles, aircraft and associated transport equipment’, ‘Base metals and articles of base metal’, and ‘Plastics and articles thereof, rubber and articles thereof’, which contributed 62.0 per cent of the total..... Read more »

Posted on : 4/2/2019