Expo win could spark Dubai's office realty scene

Dubai: Dubai's property market had been feeding off the buzz surrounding the city's campaign to host the Expo 2020. Now, with Dubai formally confirmed as the host after the vote in Paris late on Wednesday, the realty sector is looking to secure a deeper foundation.

Dubai Expo 2020 bid: Almost all sectors to benefit

Dubai: The immediate beneficiaries - almost the day after if Dubai wins the Expo bid — will include almost all sectors. That means real estate, construction, logistics, transportation and banks, according to fund managers. But over time, the effect of the Expo will be in stages.

Smartphone average selling prices are falling drastically

Dubai: The average selling prices of smartphones are going down across the globe as Android has enabled a number of new manufacturers to enter the market, supported by a variety of turnkey processing solutions.

Expo victory will drive up stocks, create more jobs

Dubai: Wednesday night's announcement that Dubai will host Expo 2020 will have a mixed immediate impact, driving up stocks and job opportunities, while consumer prices remain relevantly unchanged.

Why BlackBerry is back - and here to stay

Dubai: BlackBerry’s regional office is launching a high-profile media campaign to reiterate its commitment to the market and to its legions of users.

US default looms with no solution in sight

Washington: The United States moved closer to a default that could damage the economy and a partial government shutdown entered its 14th day as Senate Democratic and Republican leaders remained at odds in their last-ditch negotiations to end the fiscal crises gripping Washington.

US economy grew 2.5% in second quarter

Washington: The US economy grew at an annual rate of 2.5 per cent in the second quarter, the Commerce Department said Thursday, leaving its prior estimate unchanged.

Analysts had expected that second-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) expanded at a slightly stronger 2.6 per cent pace.

The world’s largest economy grew 1.1 per cent in the first quarter.

China starts to exert influence in oil markets

Beijing: The surge in China’s diesel exports this year has grabbed headlines in the Asian oil products market, overshadowing strong gains in shipments of jet kerosene.

Boeing optimistic about Mideast sales for its new 777X plane

Seattle: With Lufthansa as its first recently announced customer for the new 777X aircraft — the improved version of its long-range 777 aircraft — the Boeing Company is optimistic about procuring orders for the aircraft type from the Middle Eastern airlines, according to a senior executive at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

AirAsia India gets no objection certificate

New Delhi: Budget passenger carrier AirAsia on Thursday said its proposal for setting up a new airline has received the no objection certificate (NOC) from the civil aviation ministry.