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Report on Dubai Industry Sectors

Oil has traditionally been the major industrial sector of Dubai. In the last few decades, Dubai has expanded its non-oil sectors to maintain the flow of foreign exchange. For instance, the government of Dubai is diversifying from being a trade-based economy to services and tourism on a large extent.

Japan's imports from UAE hit Dh60b in H1

DUBAI — Japan’s imports from the UAE during the first half of the year reached Dh60 billion registering a 55 per cent growth in comparison to the same period last year

Emirates Cement Company rebrands as Lafarge

Dubai: For Lafarge, surviving in an extremely competitive environment means innovation. This includes rebranding the company in the UAE and adding new products.

EDC short listed for the World Trade Promotion Organisation Awards

Dubai Export Development Corporation (EDC), an agency of Dubai Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, has received international recognition for its efforts to assist the country's exporters

Dubai Export Development Corporation educates companies of export opportunities

Since the establishment of the Dubai Export Development Corporation (EDC), an agency of the Dubai Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, it has been spearheading the export drive of the emirate through developing an innovative portfolio of services to meet the growing demands and challenges of the business community.

Spending on horticultural machinery set to increase

Dubai: GCC spending on horticultural machinery and outdoor living equipment is set to grow at 11 per cent through 2011, according to a report, which says the growth will largely be driven by construction projects which are already under way.

Dubai Chamber members' exports rise 14% in the first half of the year

Dubai, UAE - Dubai ChamberDubai Chamber members' exports and re-exports continue to show consistent signs of improvement for the first six months of the year with a marked increase of 13.7% compared to the same period in 2009. Their total exports and re-exports in the first two quarters of 2010 stood at AED 103.2bn according to Dubai ChamberDubai Chamber 's half yearly report.

India is top export market for Dubai for second year

India has topped the list of export markets for Dubai for the second consecutive year with a share of 40.6 per cent at 21.3 billion dirhams (Rs 268.348 billion).

Dubai's export volume to Africa up 30%

Shipping volumes from Dubai to various countries in Africa have risen by 30 per cent in the past two months, a senior official from a company that ships commodities from the Middle East to Africa said yesterday.