Mexico: Sinaloa's mangoes travel to Dubai and Germany

Vicente Godoy Cereceres, the head of the Agricultural Business area of Sedeco, said that the second shipment of mangoes, harvested in the south of the state, was sent to Dubai, where it will be sold to restaurants and markets, while helping position Sinaloa's mango brand in the international market. He said that the shipment of mangoes to that Arab market, where it achieves a better price, was sent by the Association of Medium and Small Producers of the South of Sinaloa S. A de CV. He acknowledged the efforts of the president of the association Juan Guzman Aguilar to comply with the safety, quality and permits necessary to enter the product to the city of Dubai. "It is a high quality product matured in the tree, harvested in El Rosario and after 5 days of transportation, it is consumed in restaurants and supermarkets in Dubai," he said. Vicente Godoy said that the association of small and medium producers in southern Sinaloa had placed in the last weeks 2 shipments of product to Dubai and 3 to the Netherlands, bound to the German market. He said it was uncommon for Mexico to export mango to that city, "we want to increase the volume and position Sinaloa's mango brand, as well as expand our exports to Europe." This association was created a few months ago with the support of the Undersecretary of Economic Development of Sedeco to promote agricultural business development in the southern region of the state and to support the producers to improve the sale price of the fruit, he said. He also said that they had provided training in the production process, logistical development and that the Department of Agricultural Business had given them support in the commercialization of the fruits. "They were trained in the sub-Secretariat of Development to achieve a new process and give added value to the mango, to take it to new markets at a better price," said the head of the agricultural business area of Sedeco. The official said producers had been informed of the necessary standards and certifications they needed to achieve so that the product met the quality and safety requirements of the new markets.

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