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Morocco and ITFC signs agreement

International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation has signed an agreement with Morocco in order to extend the cooperation within the borders of Arab - Africa Trade Bridges (AATB) program.

The main aim of this program, "AATB", is to highlight the various challenges and difficulties faced in promoting the trade between Africa and the Arab countries.
This program was launched by the ITFC.

This MoU was confirmed during the first meeting of AATb Governing Board, that assembled in Rabat in order to find out the ways to develop the proper framework so that there is bilateral and regional cooperation development.

The agreement was signed by CEO of ITFC, Mr. Hani Salem Sonbol and Ms. Rakhiya Eddarhem, the Secretary of State to Foreign Trade.
This agreement focuses on making it easier to finance and implement the technical assistance and capacity building program and also to develop the international trade.

This program is a three year program that is focusing on trade promotion which aimed at improving the regional trade between Arab world and Sub-saharan Africa.
ITFC launched this program in order to strengthen the current commercial partnership and to increase trade flows along with investment in new commercial partnership.

Arab stated that Morocco has always been supporting the AATB since the program was launched in the year 2017.
Morocco has also promised to continue to work to enlarge and develop and strengthen the economic partnership between Arab and African countries.

ITFC works to make the process easier in order to mobilize the private and public resources so that it aim towards achieving its objectives of encouraging economic development through trade.

Source : Newzmart
Posted on :11/26/2018