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UAE plans to develop underwater rail link between Dubai and India

UAE is planning forward to develop an underwater rail link which will connect Fujairah,UAE and Mumbai, India.
India has the first engineless train and now it is about to get an underwater rail network in support of UAE. Through this project of undersea rail link, the residence of both the nations will be allowed to travel in the near future.

Not only the residents and passengers, but also there are plans to exchange goods from India to UAE along with the export of oil through a pipeline as well.

It has been reported that, this is not the first that it has been proposed for an underwater rail link, but infact, recently the Chinese government approved a project to build the first ever underwater bullet train route in the country to connect Ningbo, Shanghai to Zhousan.

Alshehhi, the founder of National Advisor Bureau Limited, stated that, "this is a concept which we plan to connect Indian city of Mumbai with Fujairah through ultra speed floating trains. This project aims to boost bilateral trade. There will be export of oil to India from Fujairah port and import of excess water from Narmada River, north of Mumbai. Along with this, in addition, other GCC partners can also improve export and import."

The National Advisor Bureau Limited is a consultancy firm which is known as the good mannered ground for start-ups which is based in Masdar.

The total rail network between the two cities will be less than 2000 km.
This project will be the better concept for both the nations with respect to exchange of goods as well as for the residence to travel via undersea rail network in the near future.


Source : newzmart
Posted on :12/10/2018