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UAE healthcare company Avivo Group to expand its presence in the Gulf countries and North Africa

Dr Dilshaad Ali, CEO of Avivo Group, said, "We are always on the growth path and keep looking to expand. We see the Middle East itself is growing, so our geographical expansion looks at Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman to a large extent, while also looking into North Africa for the existing facilities and other new opportunities that come our way."

UAE-based healthcare company Avivo Group plans to expand its existence in the Gulf countries and North Africa among growing opportunities and strong demand for healthcare services in these countries, its chief executive officer, Dr. Ali, said.

He added that Avivo Group is also in discussion on some private-public partnerships in some countries.

Among the group's 47 assets are two hospitals, 29 clinics, six pharmacies, six distribution centres, two training centres and two state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities across the UAE.

Dr Ali said that the company continues looking for attractive assets in the GCC and Mena markets, and also existing assets that offer strong returns to shareholders.

He also revealed that some of the organisations can take the begining public offering course provided the shareholders approve it in the years to come.

He said, the growth would come from the hospital segment of the healthcare delivery system as the present state of the platform will have a robust referral network to fill up future in-patient occupancies.

Dr Ali added, "We have initiated a centre of excellence in plastic surgery run by resident and visiting doctors from the US and Europe. We also have ideas to start a global rhinoplasty centre of excellence soon consisting with five best nose surgeons from around the world."

"The private sector has to play an important role in strengthening the local healthcare industry as the government can't take the responsibility alone among rising demand from the growing communities in the country", Dr. ali said.

"We have divided our assets into low-end and mid-to-high end clinics. Some of our clinics are at present being modified into speciality clinics offering surgical services that will help us in boosting our revenue base significantly," he said.

The group is also expanding its speciality line, which will consist of neuro-spinal, anti-ageing and some other important areas such as urology, advanced gastroenterology and others.

Source : newzmart
Posted on :4/13/2019