Puretex Uae | United Arab Emirates | Utility Suppliers

Products/Services :- Hotel Textile Suppliers Uae

Cárnicas Lamb | Spain | Meat and Poultry

We are Carnicas Lamb, a spanish company specialicez un lamb meat. We offer a quality product and qe are looking to expand borders and make new business associate.

Products/Services :- Lamb Meat

Olympus Farmstead Eydia | Greece | Food Ingredients

Dear Sirs, We are the company Olympusfarmstead Eydi? we would like to inform you regarding the course and action of Olympusfarmstead EYDIA with the prospect of the creation of a communication bridge and future cooperation. The products of our enterprise involve high quality Olympus mountain tea (sideritis scardica) and Greek oregano (oregano vulgaris)you will find more information about our products in the database Range me. which are cultivated at 1000 meter in the heart of mountain Olympus, which makes it the ideal environment for their natural growth. Our company has a HACCP quality assurance system, holds organic certification for all products and is member of Gs1. We are at your disposal for anything you need, Best regards, Bratelis Dimitris Katerini Pierias Greece Address

Products/Services :- Organic Greek Mountain Tea, Greek Oregano

K K Enterprises Ship Chandler | Pakistan | Fish and Seafood Sauces

Welcome to KK Enterprises, the ship chandler in the south Asia, providers of a wide range of goods and services to vessels calling at ports in Pakistan. We are located in Karachi, and serve all the ports in Pakistan. With our vast experience of ship supply gained through years of maritime business, Kk Enterprises provides a service 24/7. we look forward to welcoming you in our well-stocked chandlery and hope that we can be of service to you.

Products/Services :- Provisions Store . Bonded Stores . Engine, Deck, Cabin Stores. . Fresh Fish & Other Seafood . Electronics . Refilling Of Oxygen, Acetylene, Freon, Lpg Cylinders . Fresh Water Original . Stationary . General Order Supply

American Garden | United Arab Emirates | Canned Food

American Garden started over two decades ago with just one product. Today we have over 250 products and can be found in supermarkets, kitchen cabinets and picnic baskets in over 50 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Far East, Asia and Europe.

Products/Services :- Food Products

O'brian Harveyland Ltd. | Nigeria | [Method error 0]

We are O'BRIAN HARVEYLAND LIMITED; We specialize in the exportation of Nigerian Grown Agricultural Raw Materials to various countries in the world. Registered in the year 2010. Recognized by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (N.E.P.C): NE/23833/LA/2010 Registered Under Corporate Affairs commission (C.A.C) RC: 891700) We are very proud to pride ourselves to be the first Nigerian Indigenous company to export (Bao-bab Powder) and (Alligator pepper) to (Tokyo, Japan). With many other areas of successful and legitimate business transactions. Just to mention few. We hope doing business with the world at large, at a very high Legitimate level, and to add more value to the African Agriculture Sector by being one of the Trusted exporters in Africa.

Products/Services :- Shea Nuts, Shea Butter, Natural Honey, Bee Wax, Dried & Fresh Ginger, Dried Turmeric, Hibiscus Flower, Soya Beans, Sesame Seed, Small & Big Tiger Head Nuts, Moringa Seeds, Moringa Powder, Alligator Pepper , Donkey Skin, Bao-Bab Powder, Chilly Pepper

Radhika Steels | India | Beverages and Drinks

We are established in 1976 as a press man and now we grow small small now we are the manufacter of products we have own rolling .

Products/Services :- Steel Utensils

Titan Foodstuff Trading Llc | United Arab Emirates | Beverages and Drinks

Dear Sir, Greetings from Titan! Hope you are doing well. We are writing in with reference to identifying key distribution partners across markets. Our successful products are currently marketed and distributed in UAE, UK, South Africa, Cambodia, Lebanon, and Mauritius etc. Having seen your profile we are extremely keen to discuss the possibility of an association to distribute our products in various markets. Please feel free to check our website www.titandrinks.com for further information. Best Regards

Products/Services :- Energy Drinks

Ern Trading Co | Canada | Ingredients / Essences

ERN TRADING COMPANY ERN Trading Company is a family run cooperation has been working with local and international farmers to represents and distributes an highly quality foods around the world. Our marketing team focus mostly on top of the range organic foods to create value for our stakeholders. ? Our Vision is a world in which all people's truly needs - original and organic foods and water- understand the nature and our environment- A company that improves the quality of the nutrition and life ? ? Our Mission is committed to collecting, presenting and delivering the high quality organic foods and materials to our international and domestic customers. We understand our stakeholders value and will work hard to be responsible.

Products/Services :- Organic Food And Beverages (Alcoholic Or Non-Alc)

Swiss Multi Investment Ltd | Nigeria | Food Ingredients

Swiss Multi Investment flour mills is a new flour mill in Nigeria, our organization produces the smi flours and drinks in Nigeria, we produce all types of flours ranging from Beans flour, Plantain flour, corn flour, wheat flour, yam flour and cassava flour (elubo )and drinks like Zobo, and Moringa soft drink with 100% fruits and alkaline water. NAFDAC approved. We sell also raw and canned food items, spices, yam, black pepper, Cloves, White Pepper, Nutmeg etc Presently looking for international market for exporting of our products.

Products/Services :- No. 25 Rd "B" 1St Avenue