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We M/S United Grease & Lubricants take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer and exporter of Lubricants and Greases. UGL manufactures and distributes an extensive range of lubricants - everything from engine oils to brake fluids for passenger cars, motorcycle oils and lawn mowers to heavy duty lubricants for trucks, earthmovers and diggers, as well as for Marine and other industrial applications. UGL offers not only lubricants that are guaranteed to be effective in a variety of applications, our Lubes team offers technical support to keep your business moving including waste management solutions to protect the environment. Selecting the right lubricant can be complex and confusing, so why not rely on UGL - the professionals in lubrication.

Products/Services :- Lubricants / Greases


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Products/Services :- Lubricant Manufacturing

Manufacturing and Blending of Lubricants, Greases and Related Products

Products/Services :- Lubricating Oil

Trading in Lubricants

Products/Services :- Lubricants

Trading in Fuel Oil, Regular Motor Spirit, Kerosene, Diesel Oil and Lubricants (for Export only)

Products/Services :- Lubricants

Trading in Crude Oil and Petrolieum Products (Fuel Oil, Base Oil, Gas Oil, Gasolene - for Export only).

Products/Services :- Lubricants

Trading in Blended & Synthetic Lubricants, Greases and Car Care Products

Products/Services :- Lubricants

Trading in Speciality Chemicals (Additives) for Lubricants and Fuels

Products/Services :- Lubricants