Multimasz company is a polish leading seller of electromagnetic as well as hydraulic and mechanical clutches and brakes for machine tools. We offer more than 50 000 clutches and brakes of the most significant brands: Ema Dessau, Stromag, ZF, Ortlinghaus, Fumo, Heid, PSP Pohony, Telcomec, Binder Magnete, Ema Elfa, HCP Cegielski. It is worth to be mentioned that we also have the spare parts for the clutches - plates, levers, drivers, coils, brushes, brush inserts, complete brush-holders for wet and dry operation. The range of our activity includes also matching the appropriate replacements for the clutches and brakes that are no longer in production and moreover we deal with the inspection, repair and renewal of the old ones. We ship the goods all over the world and we are available 24h,

Products/Services :- Electromagnetic, Hydraulic, Mechanic Clutches And Brakes, Spare Parts For Machine Tools

China Derbo Steel Pipe Company is a professional manufacturer & supplier of steel pipes, industrial valves, pipe fittings, forged flanges, OCTG products, etc. Derbo steel pipe products has an extensive range of applications in oil & gas, water treatment, power, construction and so on. Through year's of development Derbo has established stable cooperation and relationship with several famous international brands such as Shell, SAMSUNG etc.

Products/Services :- Steel Plates , Pipe , Valves , Pipe Fittings , Flanges , Octg , Gaskets

Our co is Kabir group of co .Is export the SPM machines in making sheat metal components and power press and it's dies and moulds sheat cutting machines paper lamination machines paper glass and paper plate making machines and it's paper raw material.paper napkin.alluminium foil making machines.

Products/Services :- Disposable Paper Glass And Plate Making Machine Mfg

PRADA NARGESA S.L. is a family company founded in 1970, located near Barcelone, Spain with more than 40 years experience in the branch of manufacturing industrial machinery: Profile formers, Hydraulic Punching machines, Forging Machines; propane furnaces, Hydraulic Press brakes, Shears, Broaching machines, Weld Positioners, etc. All our range of machines and accessories are completely manufactured at NARGESA. We have 8.000m2 facilities and a regular stock of 400 machines. We count on more than 6.000 customers and more than 12.000 machines sold all over the world. Nowadays we are exporting to Europe: Portugal, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, ...America and Latinamerica: USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Peru.

Products/Services :- Industrial Machinery

we are one of the leading companies in the field of LED work light and LED automotive bulb in S.Korea. We have been exporting our led products to various countries in the world.

Products/Services :- Led Work Light And Led Automotive Bulb

Duoplam is, a gold mining and exploration company, conducts its activities in Guinea Bissau, one of the world's best-known gold mining regions,

Products/Services :- Gold,Diamond

Laizhou Beite Machinery Co., Ltd. (Original:Laizhou Cutting Machinery Factory)lies to beautiful Laizhou Develop Area. It is a combined group manufacturer which dealing with cutting machinery and road construction machinery, processing and manufacturing, import and export. We got certificate for free import and export in 1996. As we always give first priority to produce quality. So far we have become a worldwide qualified supplier. We are willing to meet our customers' demands by providing them with quality product and excellent service. We have been working hard in an effort to further improve and develop our factory. on the basis of export oriented product.

Products/Services :- Machinery

We are Plate saw machine manufacturer in Korea with 17 years history. Thanks to our major clients Alcoa and Tyssenkrupp, we have achieved valuable reputation in Aluminium industry and we keep going to better future business. Our slogan CUT YOUR LOSS express that our core strategy is based on how we support our client.

Products/Services :- Plate Saw Machine

We are manufacturing the Fiber Laser Marking Machine, CO2 Laser Engraving Machine, CO2 Laser Cutting Machine and so on!

Products/Services :- Laser Marking/Engraving/Cutting Machine

Libra Trading FZC is a multi-faceted global enterprise with a vast product portfolio spanning key industries. Our expertise in international trading reflects in our business operations and sets us apart as the preferred supplier to leading companies. Today Libra is recognised as one of the leading importers of high quality Structured Steel and Pharmaceuticals product and other raw materials Having established an international sourcing network of select suppliers, over the years our focus has been to establish ourselves as a credible importer, exporter and distributor of world-class products at affordable prices. Our internal processes are designed to exceed your expectations, meet industry regulations, and offer you a streamlined experience - wherever you are located in the world.

Products/Services :- Metals, Pipes