We specialized manufacture HPLC vials, Headspace vials, TOC vials, caps, silicone/PTFE septum, safty caps, Graphitized carbon, SPE. we have: - ISO 9001 certificate. - 10 years precious experiences. - 3 original invented patents. - 1/3 price of Agilent at same quality level.

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I am contacting you due to the urgent need of Dostra Liquid by our Company. This Product is mainly produced in UAE, India and is used by Veterinarians

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S.S.D SOLUTION CHEMICAL FOR CLEANING USD. We lead the industry in cleaning bank stained notes from pink to black dyed currency. Our main line of products and services serve the financial industry as a whole, where our main clients are banks and humanitarian organisation individual companys and parties are welcome too. We are one of India's leading SSD Automatic Solution, Vectrol Paste, TTZ Universal Solution, Zuta S4, Castrox Oxide HQ45, SSD Solution PK 58 distributor and manufacturer of Molecular Sieve 4a Adsorbent Chemicals For Cleaning Currency. contact us with email bellow at Email / chemicals902@gmail.com Tell / +971 557801670

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Dear Mr/Mrs, we are a leading laboratory dealing in the production and distribution of high quality ssd solution supreme chemicals word wide. we specialized in the cleaning of defaced currencies black, brown, white, red bank notes of all sort without any problem. You can contact us for sample chemicals if you are interested so as to test the quality and effectiveness of our supreme chemicals. For more infos; Please reach us at Contact Person : Dr Rice Tel?+971557957739 Skype/sala.inoni

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Tanco Lab Product is India's most reputed manufacturer and exporters of Laboratory, Scientific Lab, and Hospital Medical Equipment & Instruments. Our products are ISO 9001, WHO GMP & CE certified. We have successfully catered the need of more than 10,000 quality testing labs across India and exported. Our products are being sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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our company manufacturing scientific lab equipment use technical college school medical college.

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Amiable Horizontal Traders is a company of importing and have been in business for many years and wish to explore to more and more international links.

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At Arzt+Med we design top-quality Surgical Instruments for the surgeons who use them. Our precision instruments reflect our commitment to a surgeon oriented design process, superior craftsmanship, and our longstanding dedication to R&D in the field of Medical and Surgical instruments. The resulting instruments are intuitively easy to use and capable of performing MICS more accurately and efficiently than previous General surgical instruments.

Products/Services :- Medical And Surgical Instruments

GEE KAY SCIENTIFIC GLASSWARES established in 2012 for serving the science industry in qualitative manner.Before 2012 we are selling in our domestic region.After that, under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Shubh Karan Mittal, we have acheived a pinnacle of success.His persistent efforts for the innovation and expansion have lent us a prominent name in the field of quality lab glasswares.Since 2009, we are well known for our good quality & services.Now we are one of the leading exporters of Lab glass world wide.

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