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Hi-Tech Engineering Services, India

Listed Under: Industrial Automation | Industrial and Machinery
Hi-Tech Engineering Services, a division of Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services, is an ISO 9001:2008 & 27001:2005 certified company; with "highest performance capability & high performance strength" rating from S&P Company. With excellent infrastructure and skilled resource capabilities, the company offers engineering and design solutions to clients spread across USA, Canada, Europe, GCC, Australia & APEC regions. Having delivered more than 2500 projects for 1000+ clients, Hi-Tech Engineering Services has supported companies to reduce the engineering lead time and enable faster product delivery in the market. Currently, the company is headquartered in India with 200+ certified professionals and has 5 other offices in USA, Europe and Middle East.

Product Details
Plant Design Engineering, Mechanical Product Design, Sheet Metal Product Design, Rapid Prototyping, 2D And 3D Cad Modeling, Reverse Engineering, Cfd & Fea Analysis Services


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Company: Hi-Tech Engineering Services
Address: Hi-Tech House, Near Gurukul Tower, Gurukul
Telephone: 07940003252
Fax: NA

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