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Bolycolor International Limited, China

We BOLYCOLOR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (Kindly plz search BOLYCOLOR from GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING, AOL etc ) are specialized in iron oxide pigment industry in the past 21 years in China. Our BOLYCOLOR products cover Iron oxide Red, Yellow, Black, Brown, Orange, Green and Blue series etc and many different grades for each color. They can be widely used as a colorant in paint and coating industry, constructions, asphalt, ceramic industry, plastic and rubber industry, paper industry and so on. Besides Iron oxide pigment, we also supply with Chrome Oxide Green, Titanium Dioxide, Chrome Yellow, kinds of paints pigments and some other ancillary chemicals for some customers. We have superior oxide pigments and inorganic pigments industry relationship in China.

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Iron Oxide


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Company: Bolycolor International Limited
Address: No.1333 Longwang Mountain Road
Telephone: 8613735143226
Fax: 865722268567

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