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Allied Power Tech Services, Romania

Listed Under: Trucks and Trailers Spare Parts | Automotive
We are a Dubai-UAE based company and represent manufacturers of the following products in India. Kindly contact us for your requirements. 1. Bearing & Aluminum die casting products - Bi-metal engine bearings, bushes & thrust washers for light & heavy automobile engines, 2-wheeler engines, compressors for refrigerators and air conditioners etc. 2. Pistons - Piston assemblies for heavy duty diesel engines for power generation, tractors, gas engines, commercial vehicles, passenger cars, 2-wheeler, small engines, stationary engines etc. 3. Castings - Castings in machined condition from 0.5Kg to 60Kg capacity. 4. Daimler Benz Oil Pump - Oil pump assemblies for commercial vehicle engines. 5. Electric Wire & Cables - Triple layered electric wires and cables

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Automobile Pistons, Castings, Pumps


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Company: Allied Power Tech Services
Address: Dip
Telephone: 00971566896189
Fax: NA

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