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Anhui Mingguang Ruisheng Machinery Co., Ltd., China

Anhui Mingguang Ruisheng Machinery manufacture Co., Ltd. is a high-tech entity enterprise,integrating scientific research, development, production, and sales. Company is specialized in designing, developing, producing, equipment of mixing, stirring, conveying, and packing for powder, liquid, and granular material. Our products are widely used in chemistry , agriculture , medicine , building material ,food , fertilizer , feeding stuff , cosmetics and so on. Ruisheng company products are:Ribbon mixer, plough mixer, lacquer mixer,v-type mixer,conical mixer, real stone paint mixer equipment, double shafts paddle mixer,glazed hollow bead mixer, heat preservation mortar production line,dry mortar production line,vitrified hollow beads production line, putty powder mixer machine

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Ribbon Mixer, Plough Mixer, Lacquer Mixer,V-Type Mixer,Conical Mixer, Real Stone Paint Mixer Equipment, Double Shafts Paddle Mixer,Glazed Hollow Bead Mixer, Heat Preservation Mortar Production Line,Dry Mortar Production Line,Vitrified Hollow Beads Pr


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Company: Anhui Mingguang Ruisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address: East Wuyi Road, Mingguang Industrial Park, Anhui, China
Telephone: +865508092927
Fax: 865508092927

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