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Mplast Ppr Pipes Fittings Ltd, Bulgaria

Listed Under: Pipes and Fittings | Building and Interiors
Mplast being among the leader (polypropylene) pprc plastic pipe systems and components manufacturers, has been improving the security and comfort of the healthy superstructure installations, structural and industrial constructions transmitting capacity and industries in Europe by making the production with a passion to catch the excellence and professionalization in the quality since its days of establishment. Being among the big industrial institutions in Bulgaria, Mplast started the production with the polypropylene pipe systems and components and later gave a speed to investments in infrastructure systems. Mplast continues its activities with two main areas as pprc pipe systems and components infrastructure and superstructure.

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Ppr Pipes Fittings


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Company: Mplast Ppr Pipes Fittings Ltd
Address: Plovdiv 4023 Asenovgradsko Shose Str.3
Telephone: +35932628514
Fax: NA

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