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Bulkliner Logitics, India

Bulkliner Logistics (P) Ltd. is one of the few integrated bulk liquid logistics specialists in India. Bulkliner Logistics is the designer and supplier of many innovative bulk liquid logistics solutions. Bulkliner provides more efficient and affordable logistics solutions and serves its key customer segments in the Petroleum oil, Edible Oil, Food, Latex and Chemical Industries worldwide. Realizing the increasing demand for more reliable, efficient and cost effective bulk liquid logistics solution, Bulkliner Logistics was founded in November 2011 with the vision to become a global leader in bulk liquid logistics. Bulkliner Logistics has since developed to be the premier flexitank provider in India with a growing influence in the regional marketplace.

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Flexi Tanks

Flexi Tanks

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Company: Bulkliner Logitics
Address: Karoline, Anjumuri Juctions, Thammanam,
Telephone: 04842344055
Fax: 04842379510+

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