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Busy Bees Acrylic Displays Co., Ltd., China

Busy Bees Acrylic Display has been among the best acrylic display manufacturer in this line with more than ten years of experience.Busy Bees Acrylic Display has complete product line,involving exporting acrylic displays, metal displays, wood displays,products including acrylic flower holder,makeup organizer holder,vase box,restaurant menu holders,standoff acrylic sign holder,acrylic jewelry displays, watch display box,transparent donation storage,acrylic fudge tray,headphone hanger stand,etc.We provide product custimization in accordance with customer's requirements. Due to the introduction of sophisticated equipment,advanced technology and strict detection system The products made from Busy Bees Acrylic Display Manufacturer are well known for superior quality.

Product Details
Acrylic Flower Holder,Acrylic Fudge Tray,Picture Card Holder,Acrylic Candy Box Standtransparent Donation Storage, Headphone Holder,Rose Make Up Storage Case,Acrylic Card Holder, Sign Paper Stand,

Busy Bees

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Company: Busy Bees Acrylic Displays Co., Ltd.
Address: 4Th Floor, Liansheng Building, Huli Road
Telephone: 86-592-5635803
Fax: 86-592-5635873

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