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Netco Somali Land, Somalia

Indeed, in 1865, we have opened several companies in Ethiopia and Djibouti.Developed an import-export business of African products towards Europe.From this growing market we gradually diversified and extended our product range to other sectors, notably the automotive and heavy equipment ones. In 1958 the group NEFC is created, resulting from the need to coordinate these activities in different countries. The Headquarter of NEFC Group - NEFC FZE, was incorporated as a Free Zone Establishment with Limited Liability under the implementing Regulations issued by the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority, Dubai, U.A.E. and registered in the Free Zone Register. The principal activity of the Establishment is the trading in heavy equipment, machinery, automobiles, buses and trucks

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Caterpillar Dealer


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Company: Netco Somali Land
Address: Netco Cat Company Durdur Business Center Hargeisa , Somaliland
Telephone: 002522523389
Fax: NA

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