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Hardshell Fze, United Arab Emirates

Hard Shell is a worldwide manufacturer of armor solutions designed for personnel and vehicles. We offer a variety of models for Military, Security and Law Enforcement applications and all are developed to the highest standards for the utmost reliability, accuracy, and durability. Hard Shell specializes in the design, test, and manufacture of Hard and Soft armor panels. These include body armor - hard armor inserts, vests, helmets, shields, vehicle armor, maritime armor, etc. Fragmentation and ballistic protection to meet the requirements of the Latest National Institute of Justice Standards NIJ. Hard Shell established with the goal of saving the lives of those who protect us. We understand the importance of every defending armed security force for the safety of their country.

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Ballistic Protective Equipments


Contact Information
Company: Hardshell Fze
Address: Shel No. Q4 095, Saif (Sharjah Airport Free Zone ), Sharjah, U.A.E.Po Box No. 121454
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971506339796
Fax: +97165489904

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