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Shandong Xiangsheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., China

Established in 1998, Shandong Xiangsheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd is a listed company dedicated to the research and development of chlorinated products. Past two decades has witnessed Xiangsheng Technology break the bottle neck and successfully develop its own CPVC and CPE manufacturing technology. Major products include CPE 135A, CPE 135B, CPVC resin, CPVC compound and CPVC pipes and fittings. At present, the annual output for CPE and CPVC reaches 30,000 Ton and 40,000 respectively. Receiving National Certification of CPVC Fire Sprinkler System, CPVC Industrial System and CPVC Hot & Cold Water System makes Xiangsheng Technology the first domestic CPVC manufacturing company that has the capacity to produce from CPVC raw material to CPVC pipes and fittings used in various condition

Product Details
Cpe135a, Cpe35b, Cpvc Resin, Cpvc Compound/Cpvc Granule, Cpvc Pipe, Cpvc Fitting


Contact Information
Company: Shandong Xiangsheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: A2509, Top Yihe, No 10 Hongkong Middle Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Telephone: 008618366286408
Fax: NA
Website: www,

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