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Poltrona, United Arab Emirates

Poltrona Frau Group has underlined its ability to anticipate and interpret the evolution of contemporary luxurious living over the years. It became a point of reference in the high-end furniture market for the most important international designers and architects; thanks to the foresight of the entrepreneurs who led the group through the years, challenging the rules with boldness and continuous experimentation. Each of these brands is a genre leader. Together they comprise the largest and most significant entity in the world of premium interior furniture. The group is catering its Italian masterpieces to exceptional spaces from offices and homes, or cars and yachts, to planes.

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Company: Poltrona
Address: Poltrona Frau Group Has Underlined Its Ability To Anticipate And Interpret The Evolution Of Contemporary Luxurious Living Over The Years. It Became A Point Of Reference In The High-End Furniture Market For The Most Important International Designers And Architects; Thanks To The Foresight Of The Entr
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 4 339 7111
Fax: NA

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