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C.R.I. Pumps (Pvt) Limited, United Arab Emirates

Listed Under: Pumps, Motors and Generators | Industrial and Machinery
The beginning of C.R.I., back in 1961, was a resolute attempt to produce a few irrigation equipments using the limited facility of an in-house foundry. Now, after four eventful decades, the founder's dream has become a reality, a multi-winged organization that produces different varieties of pumps and motors that are engineered to perfection. What made the legendary growth possible is the flawlessly maintained value system of the company.

Product Details
Irrigation Equipments


Contact Information
Company: C.R.I. Pumps (Pvt) Limited
Address: P.O.Box.3145
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: 971 6 5573041
Fax: 971 6 5573042

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