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Ibrahim Jafferjees, Sri Lanka

Listed Under: Printing Material | Printing , Packaging and Plastic
Further take this opportunity to bring to your kind notice that we are now manufacturing pallets by using Pine Wood Planks imported from GermanyEstoniaFinland etc This wood is very superior in quality and strength and free from fungus & insect attaks. We recommend our customers to buy the Pine Wood Pallets Specially for countries like USA-Canada-Europe and Australia- Japan 1.We guarantee that after heat treatment process as per ISPM 15 GUIDELINE pallets are free of mold and insect attacks. 2..Electrically powered hot air system.maximum temperature applied - 60 c 3.Kiln dried through electrically powered hot air system to bring down moisture content below 15% level according to the ISPM 15 GUIDELINE

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Pine Wood Pallet


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Company: Ibrahim Jafferjees
Address: 148 Sri Sumanatissa Mw.Colombo-12,Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94 773502262
Fax: +94 11 2440516
Website: NA

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