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Middle East's Premier Luxury E-commerce Brand Ounass launched New Eco-Friendly Boxes

Ounass has introduced new eco-friendly boxes to express its committed efforts towards a greener, better future. Ounass presents a carefully-selected edit of exclusive capsule collections from local and international designers of the highest calibre, housing the Middle East’s widest range of top-tier designers. Ounass has boasted over 300 luxury brands since its establishment in December 2016 as Al Tayer Group’s first, exclusively digital, luxury e-commerce site.

In light of the global clamour to the tragic Amazonian fires, this sustainable step from Ounass is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

The luxury platform is actively using its accurate position in the Middle East fashion industry highlight the urgency of consciously adopting a sustainable mindset.

As an esteemed leader in the luxury market, the introduction of Ounass’ recycled, eco-friendly new packaging option further serves to separate common misconceptions around the ‘quality’ of recycled materials; shifting the very notion of luxury.

Although the eco-friendly boxes will be the default packaging option for all orders, Ounass customers will continue to be given the option to switch to classic boxes at check out.

By being given an option, customers will have to deliberately decide if they really need the signature packaging or if they could use this opportunity to be kinder to the planet.

Made locally from recycled materials, Ounass’ new boxes will serve to reduce waste to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the planet.

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Posted on :2/12/2020