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Dubai Investments Plants LED Lights at Subsidiary

Dubai Investments, one of the best diversified investments company, has introduced the completion of the replacement of metal halide lamps with LED lights across the factory premises of its wholly-owned subsidiary Emirates Float Glass (EFG).

Part of Dubai Investment’s sustainability initiative, 80 LED lamps were retrofitted on existing light poles enabling better illumination, enhanced colour rendering and improved visibility. The replacement of the 250W high power consuming metal halide lamps with 100W LED lights resulted in a drop in energy consumption from 175,200 kWh per year (p/y) to 70,080 kWh p/y, with a total energy saving of 105,120 kWh p/y and reduced energy costs by approximately 60%.

“The substitute of the conventional bulbs with the energy saving LED lamps within the EFG premises is part of a long-term investment highlighting efforts leading environmental improvements and achievement of operating efficiencies”, said Ghassan Mashal, General Manager of Emirates Float Glass (EFG).

With 10-year life anticipation, providing 50,000 lighting hours with 15,000 lumens, the LED lighting will require less maintenance, EFG confirmed. The decision for the replacement was related to studies confirming steady light output at less than 1 percent degradation per year over the life of the equipment as compared to other conventional lights.

EFG reiterated the LED lights to improve safety by eliminating hazardous materials in fixtures and lowering fire risks. The technology of the LED lights enables a brighter work area, better uniformity and improved colour perception, resulting in a better quality of light for plant employees.

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Posted on :8/28/2020