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UAE gets 'Eco store' the online destination for green food packaging products

Hotpack Global, the world's leading maker of disposable food packaging goods, has launched Eco Store, the UAE's first specialised online retail destination for environmentally friendly food packaging products.

Demand for green food packaging goods has been soaring, according to Hotpack Global, both from a health and hygiene standpoint as well as from increased environmental consciousness among customers throughout the world.

Eco Store, he claimed, will provide clients a wide selection of packaging products made of 'green' recyclable materials, all of which would be produced in accordance with the most environmentally friendly procedures and practises.

“We feel that Eco Store meets the needs of a big and rising sector of customers who wish to be environmentally mindful and responsible. Mr. Jebbar stated, "Hotpack Eco Store supports sustainable packaging options and caters to clients who wish to be a part of the global sustainability movement."

Eco Store items are experiencing a strong and continuously rising market, and by introducing it online, Hotpack Global ensures customer accessibility and convenience of transactions.

“At Hotpack Eco Store, we work to rethink, rethink, and reimagine the concept of sustainable buying. Mr. Jebbar continued, "Our products are environmentally driven, earth sensitive, and eco-ethical, and our goal is to do our part for a better tomorrow."

Eco-friendly kraft boxes, trays, paper bags, paper cups, takeout containers, aluminium foils, and flexible packaging items are among Hotpack's disposable food packaging options. Their state-of-the-art PET extrusion plant at National Industries Park manufactures recyclable pastry containers, salad bowls, juice glasses, and other products.

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Posted on :6/10/2021