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The state-of-the-art specialised hospital applauded as a game changer in Dubai

The Dubai Science Park offers a specialist state-of-the-art hospital with advanced cancer centre support and a spatial area for neurorehabilitation, with spinal, neuro-chirurgical, neurological, orthopathic and radiation treatments.

The Neuro Spinal Hospital and Radio Operations Center has 114 beds – the capacity of its former Jumeirah premises is four times as high. The hospital also provides unique treatment options only available outside the United Arab States, including the first robot cyberknife and radiation surgery centre, and the first brain surgery suite, which offers advanced care for patients.

It provides care for neuroscience, the spine, orthopaedics and oncology through advanced diagnostics and robotics. In Dubai Science Park, the science and health district that houses more than 400 companies and 4,000 professionals, patients in the UAE and abroad can also be receiving acute and postacute rehabilitation.

The hospital offers open green areas and gardens to improve patients' well-being, advanced university training facilities, intelligence in patient rooms, community centres and more.

"The creation of an advanced healthcare industry is one of UAE's key strategic goals and we are proud to work closely with our business partners to contribute to this vision," said Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Managing Manager of Dubai Science Park. "It reflects our ongoing efforts to improve the medical industry of Dubai with an appropriate business environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure, he added. " The Neuro Spinal Hospital and Radio Centre.

The hospital will help the health sector in the UAE and the region grow and give people access to world-class services, promote health tourism and improve the position of the UAE as one of the more advanced countries in the world.

Prof. Abdul Karim Msaddi, President of the Neuro Spinal Hospital and Medical Director, added that "We are proud to provide world class healthcare services in Dubai and believe that our medical facility of the next generation will be a transformer for the medical industry in the Emirates and in the region. It not only improves the availability of specialist neuroscience and radiation therapy and improves patient care, but also helps attract and develop local and international talent."

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Posted on :7/19/2021