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Pharmax Pharmaceuticals to produce affordable high quality generic medicines

With its EU-approved affordable high-quality generic pharmaceuticals, Pharmax Pharmaceuticals is making the ideal of universal healthcare in the UAE a reality.

Pharmax Pharmaceuticals FZ LLC is a pharmaceutical firm established in the United Arab Emirates that develops and distributes inexpensive, branded generic medications. Pharmax is a subsidiary of ADQ, one of the region's largest holding firms with a diverse portfolio of major businesses across Abu Dhabi's diverse economy.

Our goal is to develop and package branded generic medications, primarily small molecule and oral solid dosage (OSD) pharmaceuticals, in a variety of therapeutic areas including cardiology, diabetes, gastrointestinal, and neurology. By doing so, we can increase the availability of pharmaceuticals in the UAE and address the most common chronic medical conditions in the country, such as hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and hypertension; gastrointestinal disorders such as peptic ulcer and gastro esophageal reflux disorders; central nervous system diseases such as mood disorders, generalised anxiety disorders, epilepsy, and bipolar disorders; and respiratory illnesses such as asthma and congestive obstructive pulmonary disease.

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) and the European Union have both accredited the state-of-the-art Pharmax facility at Dubai Science Park. It is outfitted with cutting-edge European production equipment and has the capacity to produce 300 million tablets and capsules per year.

The pharmaceutical industry in the UAE is one of the fastest growing in the region, with a market value of more than Dh10 billion. With a growing and ageing population, as well as rising healthcare costs, the region's demand for high-quality pharmaceuticals is rapidly increasing. Pharmax has set its sights on meeting this demand by providing affordable branded and generic products, as well as contributing to improved patient compliance and lower overall healthcare costs.

The UAE has led rigorous efforts to elevate locally manufactured pharmaceutical products that meet and exceed international standards, spearheaded by MOHAP. With their continued guidance and support, the UAE is on a clear path to becoming a regional pharma manufacturing hub of affordable medication that balances cost and quality while addressing the nation's future healthcare needs.

Pharmax takes pride in its highly skilled and motivated technical team and sales force, both of which are solely focused on providing our patients with the highest quality medicines.

We value our relationships with many international companies that have helped us expand our capabilities through knowledge transfer, innovative technologies, and contract manufacturing. Furthermore, we are committed to directly responding to market and health challenges by maintaining constant, two-way communication with physicians and pharmacists across the UAE to ensure our products are effectively tailored.

In addition to our extensive product portfolio, we are expanding into neighbouring markets such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, and Lebanon. We also hope to expand our presence in Africa in the coming years.

In addition to our extensive product offering, we are expanding regionally into markets such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, and Lebanon. We also hope to grow our footprint into Africa in the next years.

Pharmax's extensive selection of generic and complicated pharmaceuticals are among the most trusted in the UAE, with our goods available in both the public and private sectors at the most visited healthcare facilities, clinics, and pharmacies.

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Posted on :1/14/2022