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Africa imports from UAE are on the rise, DCCI predicts positive growth

The reported value of exports and reexports by Dubai Chamber members to African markets increased at a rate of 29% from January to August 2021 to reach a record USD 7.8 billion, thanks to a strong rebound in both consumer and industry demand. This article's study indicates that there is still potential for the continent's trade to increase significantly.

According to DCCI data, there is still USD 9.7 billion in the unrealized export potential for UAE products in African markets, which may be achieved by exporters from the UAE over the next five years.

This translates into an opportunity to almost double the present exports and reexports' yearly value. The research showed a large concentration of prospects in Eastern Africa, especially in Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Tanzania, in addition to Egypt, which tops North Africa in terms of markets with the biggest remaining untapped potential.

Additionally, three markets in Western Africa—Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana—show significant untapped potential across a wide range of product categories.

Dubai Chamber is dedicated to bridging the gap between African regulators and foreign businesses by conducting events that assist in facilitating the business community in identifying opportunities and addressing possible issues in the African markets. In this context, the Dubai Chamber hosted the Global Business Forum on Africa's sixth edition in October.

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Posted on :8/9/2022