We are manufacture of motorcycle inner tubes and electronic bike inner tubes in China.
Products/Services :- Inner Tubes

We mainly export cheap china brand Tyre, with fast delivery time and quality warranty, cover all range of truck tire,bus Tyre,car Tyre and light truck Tyre
Products/Services :- Tyre

We are a distributor company based in medan Indonesia, we are provide all season treys made in Indonesia.
Products/Services :- Tyres

Dubai impex trading is a division of eta group of companies based in Dubai. We can offer toyota and all other vehicle spare parts to the importers from any country. We do imports to algeria, Iran, Sudan, CIS, Afghanistan, India, etc.
Products/Services :- Spare Parts,Batteries & Tyres

Trading in Plastic Hangers, Garment Accessories, Moulded Plastic Products and Automotive Batteries & Accessories.
Products/Services :- Automotive Batteries & Accessories.

Trading in Auto Tyres
Products/Services :- Auto Tyres

Trading in Tyres, Tubes, Flaps and Related Accessories
Products/Services :- Tyres, Tubes, Flaps

Trading in Tyres, Batteries, Wheel Rims and Auto Spare Parts & Accessories
Products/Services :- Tyres, Batteries