Newly registered company. Product range include watercoolers, disposable cups polycarbonate bottles and ect. Wholesale and retail outlets covering whole of Zimbabwe.

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ZHENGZHOU HOO CHEMTEC CO.LTD which is specialized in manufacturing and exporting chemicals raw materials for water treatment.And we have more than 10 years.Our products include PAC Polyaluminium chloride,PAM Polyacrylamide,Calcium Chloride,Ferric Chloride,Aluminium Sulphate,Silica Gel,EDTA,TCCA,ATMP Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid,1-Hydroxy Ethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid HEDP,PAFC,TCCA Trichloroisocyanuric acid,SDIC Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate,EDTA,Sodium Alginate,Xantan Gum,Sodium Pyrophosphate,Sodium Silicate,Exchange Resin,Sodium Formate etc

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Industrial RO plants - Brackish water RO Plants - 1500 - 3000 GPD - 6000 GPD - 12000 GPD Sea water desalination plants If You are looking for an expert in Dubai, UAE , Abudhabi , Ajman , Sharjah , for irrigation water filter systems , well water testing , well water irrigation system in Dubai UAE , well water desalination for agricultural use, well water filtration system , most affordable high quality RO systems manufacturer and suppliers in Dubai UAE, water treatment , Reverse Osmosis, RO Desalination Plants in Dubai, UAE , sharjah , Ajaman , Abudhabi then ULTRA TEC WATER TREATMENT LLC is the right place for you. Ultra Tec is equipped with in house production of all kind RO plants , Reverse Osmosis Desalination plants, well / bore / ground water treatment , filtration purification

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Aquapro water purification and filtration Equipment water purifier water filter water softener 06 5210086 050 9796135

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Aquapro offers high quality water Purification Equipment. Sales, Services, Supply in UAE . R.O. System (Reverse Osmosis Systems . Water Softener . Domestic RO Systems . Residential RO Systems . Industrial RO Systems . RO/DI unit . Industrial Water Treatment Plants Web site Email add: Cont no: +971-6-5210086 Mob no: +971-56-3512599 Mob No: +971-50-9796135

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AQUAPRO WATER PURIFICATION EQUIPMENT SALES SERVICES SUPPLY UAE RODrinking water purification system water filtration system water treatment system water softener water filter RO/DI Unit Cont No: 06 5210086 Mob No: 050 9796135 sharjah UAE

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We, Tulsi RO, suppose that the achievement of an organization is stand on the foundation of outstanding quality, excellent customer service and advanced technology. We have focused our expertise on the designing and engineering of fresh water treatment plants that are of premium quality. Our mission is to produce premium quality products such as Water Filtration, Softening, Reverse Osmosis Plant for the benefit of our clients. Tulsi RO contains complete water purification system, softener, water filter, water purifier and replacement filtration unit for commercial and industrial uses. We possess a well equipped production unit which is backed by state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated machines.

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. Domestic Water Treatment Plants . Industrial Water Treatment Plants Web site Email add: Cont no: +971-6-5210086 Mob no: +971-56-3512599 Mob No: +971-50-9796135

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we make spun bond water filters in India on imported machinery with complete quality parameters we solicite your bulk requirements

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