Products/Services :- Pure Water

Sharjah-based group with interests in construction contracting, manufacture of aluminium and glass, furniture, reverse osmosis water desalination, crushing and quarrying, hotels and international trading

Products/Services :- Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination

specialize in Reverse Osmosis Technology and the design of various advanced Water filtration systems.

Products/Services :- RO Units

design and supply of water / wastewater treatment and water desalination systems.

Products/Services :- Surface Water Treatment, Membrane Separation ( MF/UF/NF/RO), Electro-Deionization (EDI)

Aqualink Desalination is a manufacturing and leading distributor, supplier of quality advance water purification systems

Products/Services :- WATER COOLERS, PURIFIER

Our Company was founded by Mr. Sait Yilmaz and his brother Mr. Ahmet Necati Yilmaz the company name from their father, Orhaneli country mayor Mr. Osman Yilmaz. Mr.Osman Yilmaz is son of Haci Ahmet.

Products/Services :- Upholstery & curtain fabrics