United Kaipara Dairies Co. (P.S.C.) popularly known as UNIKAI is one of the largest dairy foods company in the Arabian Peninsula. A wide range of Dairy, Ice Cream and Juice products are produced at UNIKAI and sold in the domestic as well as international markets.The company was incorporated in 1977 through a decree of HH The ruler of Dubai by recognizing the need to provide a range of pasteurized dairy products to the people in the country. Since beginning, UNIKAI has witnessed a rapid growth and became a household name for its excellent quality, wide range of products and availability. The ambition of the company is to continually serve the consumers by providing them the best quality products at affordable prices.
Products/Services :- 1Ltr Juice, 1Ltr Milk, 250Ml Juice Drink, 180Ml Flavored Milk

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Products/Services :- Beverages

Items / Products we supply are : 1. Food Products - Rice (of various quality) , Cooking Oils (of various types), Red Bull & other Beverages,Sugar, Corn, Wheat, Meat & Poultry Products, Health Drink, etc. 2. Other Commodities - Organic Fertilizer, Cement, Silica Sand, Rock Phosphate, Gypsum, Barite, etc. For more details, you may please visit our Web Site at : http://www.sunlinkglobal.weebly.com
Products/Services :- Food Items, Bevrages, Drinks Etc.

E.P.D is a company based in cote d'ivoire and official seller mandate of indian rice exporter , we sale rice sugar cement oils ......
Products/Services :- Foods And Beverage

We are major supplier of energy drinks...our drinks are 100% guaranteed as original
Products/Services :- Energy Drinks

Esport-Import Beer-italian & french quality wines
Products/Services :- Export-Import

Somos empresa de Trading que compramos y vendemos, todas las marcas de bebidas con acol y sin alcool, refrescos, comida y tabaco.
Products/Services :- Import/Expor Por Mayor Y Menor

Our company is a dedicated baby formula and beverages Supplier, this is our sole business.We are proud to introduce all our brands of infant and baby formulas Step 1, 2 and 3 which are sold throughout the world. Our brands are sourced from the best dairy industry in the world. The industries is regulated by some of the strictest government food, health and safety standards in the world. When purchasing our products, we guarantee their source, so you can rely upon the cleanest, safest and highest quality dairy products...
Products/Services :- Infant Milk Powder, Energy Drinks, Beer, Whisky