Marine Hydrocolloids is the largest manufacturer & exporter of Agar Agar Food grade in India (Powder & Strips) suitable for Food, Confectionery & Dairy products industries etc., Bacteriological grade suitable for Plant Tissue Culture, Dehydrated Culture media, Microbiology, Dental Castings etc. and Pharmaceutical grade confirming to USP/BP/IP standards with ISO 22000: 2005 & ISO 9001- 2015 CERTIFICATION & FSSAI Licence.
Products/Services :- Agar Agar

sourceseas overseas is finest quality raw agri and food exporter from india with certified products portfolio
Products/Services :- Agri And Food Exporter

Soni international I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company, Soni international. We have been in the salt tea and spices business for the last five years, and our very experienced staff have been involved. We are currently a major player in our domestic market and are now expanding internationally. Please contact me with your needs or for any other inquiries you may have. We look forward to making you more familiar with our services and to doing business with you.
Products/Services :- Edible Salt, Spices, Rice, Tea.

Zarafshan food productions is an inventor and the first producer of saffron spray in Iran. Zarafshan was invented with using advanced technologies for optimum consumption of most expensive spice in the world. Zarafshan gained most national and international certificates such as IRAN STANDARD SINGE, HEALTH APPLE SINGE FROM IRAN FOOD AND MEDICINE organization, FDA AMERICA certificate from FOOD AND MEDICINE IRAN, HACCP, ISO9001 and IS022000 from England QAL company.
Products/Services :- Food Products

Ghaf Kitchen is a top-notch outdoor event catering provider based out of Dubai, specializing in personalized services like interactive dining, party catering and setting up of pop-up restaurants. We serve mouth-watering delicacies that can be customized based on individual preferences and requirements. We have the best in-house chefs that excel at preparing canapés, bowl-foods, finger foods, BBQ, street foods, beverages and other specialties from Ghaf Kitchen's signature menu.Establishment year 2012
Products/Services :- Catering

we are internationa food items supply in a various countries here in africa.we have companies in all west africa countries and we can supply coco,cafe,corn mills etc.
Products/Services :- Food Items

Wakame is among the top line of Sushi Bars in downtown Dubai that enjoys the patronage of the elite clientele. It is known for the freshest Sushi that is served in some of the most interesting varieties that have been especially crafted by the head chef. The open-plan kitchen of the restaurant allows guests to enjoy the making of each dish to perfection according to their taste and liking. The dedicated bar serves the best mocktails in the city that are made out of the fresh seasonal fruits. There is also the premier line of wines from all climatic belts of the globe to accompany lunch or dinner.
Products/Services :- Quality Food Restaurant In Dubai

Manufacturer and supplier of soya products, TSP, TVP, pea and wheat protein and starches.
Products/Services :- Soy Flakes, Soy Texturates, Pea Protein, Pea Starch, Soy Flour

ABSS Global Corporation, Bulk Exporters from India, Agricultural grains,fruits,vegetables, garments, milled products etc.
Products/Services :- Exporters Of Agriculturals , Fruits & Vegetables

The company "Pani Kristina" was founded in 1995, the strategic goal is the production of the high-quality Ukrainian product at a reasonable price for consumers. Products are manufactured under two brands: "Pani Kristina" and "Holiday". - Mayonnaise - Ketchup - Tomato paste - Juices and jams - pasta - confectionery - sauces - Fresh grinded tomatoes "Pulp" -aseptic tomato paste - honey - honey with walnuts nuts - shelled walnuts nuts We also offer a wide range of natural and ecological products: -Wheat grits -Millet -Porridge oat -Maize grits -Fine-ground barley -Peas -Pearl-barley -Lentil -Semolina
Products/Services :- Mayonnaise, Ketchup ,Tomato Paste, Juices And Jams, Pasta, Confectionery, Sauces, Fresh Grinded Tomatoes "Pulp", Honey, Honey With Walnuts Nuts, Shelled Walnuts Nuts