Slim'n Lite is a lifestyle and nutrition center that caters real food made from farm fresh ingredients. We offer diet meal delivery in Dubai that is unaltered, healthy, and genuinely delicious at the same time.

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We're not your typical seafood restaurant, over here, we prepare your regular dish in a number of different ways. We tend to play with the cooking styles as well as experiment a lot with a long list of ingredients, spices, and herbs. Olive oil, Sardina's personal favorite healthy dietary fat, tops the latter as it stars most of our lovingly-prepared servings.

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Diba Tejarat Khavarmianeh Company has started its business in the field of health and homecare since 2000 and begun producing with its own brands since 2008. The company main aim is producing Green cosmetics and healthcare products locally. Now, Diba Tejarat is one of the most effective and customer-oriented companies in the local market going to begin trading in global markets as well.

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I am agent of foods stuffs buyer from Bamako Mali, I want to Inform you that our Our Organizetion has awarded me to look for capable company who will supply foods stuffs as a contract project like , rice , beans, sugar , wheat flour, powder Milk, tomato paste, If your company is capable to supply then get back to me for more

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Over the years, Koka have grown from a local noodle brand with a few classic flavours to one that now brings over 100 different products to millions of households across the world. Today, Koka is enjoyed in over 40 countries in the Asia Pacific region, North America, the Middle East, as well as in Europe.

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Farmbox Organic Vegetables UAE has been stamped with the organic European certification. As Europe maintains a standard by producing organic delight which has been passed by quality test. Eating Organic is become blessing with Farmbox online shopping so grab this delicious meal services. Call us at +971551051803 or join our membership online at

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Eco Start Group is a trading company from Ukraine established in 2016. We are specialized in supplying high-quality Ukrainian walnut throughout the world. Being a reliable and trustworthy company, Eco Start Group established strong relations with the best suppliers of walnuts on our local agriculture market, that gives us the opportunity to provide our buyers with high-class thin-shelled walnuts and kernels for the most affordable price. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different world markets. Our good-equipped facilities and great quality control throughout all of the provided production steps, allows us to guarantee the buyers satisfaction. Our mission is to trade fairly, offering our customers the best quality

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We export from India - Vegetables , Fruits, Essential Oils, Millets, Millet based processed foods - Vermicelli , Flour, Dosa Mix, Instant Rice Mix. Dal Powders, Soups Powders, Pickles , Rice Paste & Indian Snacks

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