Mandal Group started their journey in the year 2006 with the vision to establish as one stop reliable refining house of "Edible Vegetable oil" under the flagship of Shree Biplab Mandal, Managing Director. Our factory is located at Jhargram District in the State of West Bengal, India amid pollution free greeneries of mother Earth. The unit has adopted latest technology and state of the art machineries. In the year 2008 the factory has under gone a major expansion to facilitate refining process of Rice Bran Oil and Soybean Oil. Presently the unit deals with Refined Rice bran Oil, Refined Sesame Seed Oil, Refined Mahua Oil. It also deals with its byproducts like Fatty Acids, Vegetable Wax, Spent Earth etc. Grami Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Products/Services :- Refined Sesame & Rice Bran Oil, Crude Sesame & Rice Bran Oil, Rice Bran Fatty Acid & Wax, Deoiled Sesame & Rice Bran Cake,Non Basmati Parboiled& Raw Rice.

We NguyenVerietyGlobal Edible Oils Sdb Bhd, destinations across diverse cultures, and form a vital ingredient in a broad spectrum of food, pastry and confectionery. This seamless integration of Vegetable Oils derives from its unique composition of liquid and semi solid fractions. Blends among fractions, the modification of physical properties of these fractions through intensification and blends between fractions of Refined Sunflower Oil,Corn Oil, UCO, Soybean Oil,RBD Palm Oil,Canola Oil,Olive Oil and Palm Kernel Oil generate a dazzling array of oils and fats each with distinctive oil and fat profiles. Our buyers can choose from an extensive range of with customized crystal structures, solid fats, meltdown, etc. and from these obtain attributes and performance they desire

Products/Services :- Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Corn Oil, Palm Oil, Refined Canola Oil, Refined Corn Oil, Used Cooking Oil, Jatropha Oil

Aladdin Edible Oils Sdn. Bhd. is a leading integrated edible oil company and is the trusted name behind renowned brands like Alami Vegetable Oils, Eco Oils, among others. Our consumer brands and products in Sunflower oil, Soybean oil,Canola Oil,UCO,RBD Palm oil are a household name with Malaysia consumers who use our oils regularly as a healthy cooking medium. A leader in Edible oils in Malaysia, Aladdin Edible Oils enjoys 19% market share in the overall rbd palm oil segment with a dominant 45% market leadership in branded Edible oil. Aladdin Edible Oils Sdn. a leading Malaysian Integrated edible oil company with a large base of ever growing consumers.

Products/Services :- Edible Oils

Delicate and light, refined, deodorized sunflower oil, carefully prepared from the seeds of highly oleaginous sunflower varieties. Save all natural nutrients of the product. Oil has light golden color, without taste and smell. In the cooking does not burn and does not foam. Ideal for filling vegetable salads, sauces and all kinds of home cooking. Shelf of Life 24 month . Food ( nutritious ) value of 100g product : Fats - 99,9g Protein - 0g Carbohydrates - 0g Energy value of 100g - 899kcal ( 3761kj ) Natural vitamin E . NON GMO Free Cholesterol

Products/Services :- Sunflower Oil / Cooking Oil

EOILYA NATURAL OLIVES AND OLIVE OIL Since 1954 we are seriously dealing with olive cultivation and olive oil production at our own olive grove, located at Ayvalik, BALIKESIR. Now, we are in the market with our new brand ?OILYA. Combining NATURALNESS and PURITY is our Life Philosophy. We would like to introduce you our olives and olive oil with our love and with our loyalty. We are serving our products to you with the natural and with the best proper methods. We believe in the unique taste of our olive oil and olives. The good tastes make people happy, people get happy when share the good things. We want to share to make you happy.

Products/Services :- Olive Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Olives

We are the franchise of top American and European mattress brands in GCC. We give an interactive buying experience to our customers with a vast range of choices. With the BedMatch technology powered by Sleep to Live Inc. USA, we are the only mattress retailors in GCC who can guarantee the perfect sleep system customized according to the customer's need.

Products/Services :- Mattress Brands In Gcc.

Oliyatorg Holding has been successfully operating in the International market of sunflower oil, oil seeds and grains for over 20 years and is one of the recognized leaders in these segments. We are engaged in the export of the Ukraine's primary agricultural goods and the products of their processing: . Crude and refined sunflower oil, sunflower cake, sunflower husk; . Sunflower seeds, rapeseed, soybean, linseed, peas, mustard seeds and other; . Wheat, barley, yellow corn. The company processes sunflower seeds and produce crude sunflower oil, sunflower cake, sunflower husk and sunflower kernels. Our production capacities allow to process up to 850000 tons of sunflower seeds yearly. We constantly control the product quality by our certify lab and independent surveyors

Products/Services :- Sunflower Oil

Tara farms spanning over 120 acres proudly recounts a 100 year old legacy in agriculture and horticulture . The family has been involved in growing various food and cash crops along with growing trees. Our family is very passionate about agriculture and seeks out and implements modern farming methodology in the most eco friendly manner possible. In keeping with this vision we are now into extracting cooking oils with farm grown raw materials - ground nut , coconut and sesame(gingelly) which is thoroughly washed, cleaned and then the oil is extracted using a wooden oil extractor with utmost care tended towards hygiene and cleanliness in every step until the final product. It gives us immense joy and personal gratification to be able to give out quality.

Products/Services :- Gingelly Oil,Groundnut Oil & Coconut Oil

We offer sunflower oil from Ukraine, one of the largest producer in the world. Our sunflower oil is cold pressed. .This method which entails minimal processing, produces a light, flavorful oil suitable for all cooking needs. Sunflower oil manufacture involves cleaning the seeds, grinding them, pressing and extracting crude oil from them for further refining. This method which entails minimal processing, produces a light, flavorful oil suitable for all cooking needs. Sunflower oil manufacture involves cleaning the seeds, grinding them, pressing and extracting crude oil from them for further refining. The seeds we use to make oil are inspected and graded after harvest, and the fat content of the incoming seeds is measured.

Products/Services :- Cooking Oil

Capital Trust's establishment is based on a real fact that it has a long and powerful relationship with international and local companies around the globe in a lot of fields of industries and commerce the thing that ensure a huge net of trading capability, and the idea to invest these relationships in a fruitful business is aimed to be a cornerstone in the strategy of this company. We have many branches and partners inside Turkey (Istanbul - Mersin - Ankara - Antalya - Izmir) and in a lot of countries (Jordan - UAE- Iraq- Algeria - Britain- Ukraine - Belgium - Sudan - Egypt - Lebanon - south Africa).

Products/Services :- Trading