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Products/Services :- Financial Service

We are gland to say that we are leading manufacturer and exporter of PTFE products. We manufacturing and supply of our product in all over World industries like chemical, pharmacy, pump, valve, textile, food industries, etc. We manufacturing PTFE Bush, PTFE Rod, PTFE Sheet, PTFE Ball Valve Ring, PTFE Seal, PTFE Gasket,PTFE Envelop, PTFE Bellow, CFT Thrust Pad, PTFE Machined products, Carbon Filled PTFE Products, Glass Filled PTFE Products, etc.
Products/Services :- Ptfe Products

We are a lubricants manufacturing unit based in UAE, manufacturing our own brands and also providing the third party blending services. We have a state of the art facility for manufacturing and blending automobile lubricants, break fluid, grease, fully capable of processing bulk export orders, best in quality as per the required specifications.
Products/Services :- Lubricants

Kind Attn. : Sales Team Greetings from WEST SPACE INTERNATIONAL!!!! It was a really nice to talk to you, We are pleased to take this opportunity to introduce our company "WEST SPACE", has been existence since 90's.Headquartered in Dubai- UAE, in order to start business collaboration with your company. We are one amongst the largest stockiest and supplier of Pipe and Pipe fittings, Flanges and Valves in G.C.C.
Products/Services :- Flange, Fittings,Valve,Gasket

We are company in yemen , we build buildings, roads, and dams. We import oil refined products. We also import Agricultural pesticides and fertilizers
Products/Services :- Construction And Trading

We are a manufactures and exporter of wedge wire screen filter elements. The quality of products are same as the ones from Trislot. Products are mainly used in Petro Refinery cracking System internal filter elements. Candle filters in Beer filtration system, Water treatment and etc.
Products/Services :- Wedge Wire Screens, Filter Element

we have coneccting buyers and sellers of crude and refined oil products also give service to lenders and borrowers of funds for start up and develop their business right now we require a lender for build a refinery in IRAN and we are looking for funds for acustomer
Products/Services :- Crude & Refined Products & Finance

Working on the chemical industry segment, the company offers a large and complete range of products for treatment, embellishment and conservation of wood. Engaged to the quality of the services that it provides and to the improvement of production processes, Rochesa develops a customized job according to each client's need. Rochesa is a company that outstands due to its proactivity, efficiency and agility, thus promoting the optimum partnership to its clients.
Products/Services :- Chemical

Our Services Other than mining and production which is our core business, we offer the following services; Supply of gold bullion, dust and nuggets: We have a proven track record for the consistent supply of pure, unrefined gold ore in its finest form. This consistency we achieve not only in the course of our mining production, but also in the resale and purchaseof gold ore. Gold Assaying: We provide independent assay services at our office to external bodies' intent on establishing gold composition and fineness before purchase and / or sale. Refining services:We offer refining services to would-be and gold owners, purifying the composition of each and every ounce, to achieve 999.9% purity. Smelting services: We offer smelting services for 1 kilo-bar and 12.5
Products/Services :- Sales Of Gold