manufacture printed and unprinted plastic film and shopping bags.

Products/Services :- plastic film and shopping bags

Established in 1998, Shandong Xiangsheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd is a listed company dedicated to the research and development of chlorinated products. Past two decades has witnessed Xiangsheng Technology break the bottle neck and successfully develop its own CPVC and CPE manufacturing technology. Major products include CPE 135A, CPE 135B, CPVC resin, CPVC compound and CPVC pipes and fittings. At present, the annual output for CPE and CPVC reaches 30,000 Ton and 40,000 respectively. Receiving National Certification of CPVC Fire Sprinkler System, CPVC Industrial System and CPVC Hot & Cold Water System makes Xiangsheng Technology the first domestic CPVC manufacturing company that has the capacity to produce from CPVC raw material to CPVC pipes and fittings used in various condition

Products/Services :- Cpe135a, Cpe35b, Cpvc Resin, Cpvc Compound/Cpvc Granule, Cpvc Pipe, Cpvc Fitting

Food Court Tray - Golden Dolphins Supplies is a Leading Safety shoe Supplier in UAE, we provide all kinds safety shoe, food court tray, and Plastic tray suppliers in UAE. Top Manufactures. Affordable Prices.

Products/Services :- Product / Shopping

Gujarat Raffia Industries Limited, an Indian manufacturing company is incorporated and established in Gujarat near major sea ports. The company was founded in 1984. GRIL is one of the major manufacturers of PE Tarpaulin, Plastic Sheeting, Ground Sheeting, Geomembrane, Tents, Shelters, Pond Lining, HDPE Woven Bags, PP Woven Bags, and Ropes etc. The plants have all the latest manufacturing facilities and have top quality measures for good working environment.

Products/Services :- Tarpaulin

Products/Services :- Hdpe Pipe

since 20 yrs we have been in the manufacturing plastic furniture as well as plastic household items

Products/Services :- Manufacturing Plastic Furniture And Household Items

We are Putian Grand Nets Co.,Ltd which is a major manufacturer offer various nets in China. and located in West Road of bird net World, Industrial Park, putian city ,fujina priovince china We specialize in manufacturing and supply 100% high density polyethene(HDPE) raschel bird netting, debris netting, anti hail net, olive net, anti insect net, shade netting, scaffold netting, safety netting, silage cover etc. And have being exported to many countries and regions such as USA, German, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asian countries etc., We established good reputation with our clients. We can provide high quality products and competitive prices, and ensure you receive the reliability We are keeping constant progess in production, marketing and development. We are glad to do our best to cooperate

Products/Services :- We Specialize In Manufacturing And Supply 100% High Density Polyethene(Hdpe) Raschel Bird Netting, Debris Netting, Anti Hail Net, Olive Net, Anti Insect Net, Shade Netting, Scaffold Netting, Safety Netting, Silage Cover Etc.

Youxi Weipeng Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. Has grown into a modern factory. WeiPeng Plastic Mold specializes in designing and manufacturing high technical, and precision plastic mold, such as cement mould, concrete spacers mould, pile foundation pad mould, reinforced spacers mould and so on. It is mainly used for construction such as buildings, houses, bridges, high railway etc. In China, we have a lot of advantages and big market in the production of cement mould and we won the favor and recognition of our customers. At the same time, according to some of our clients' requirements, we also build economical moulds. Our products are used in the construction industries. We also accept OEM.

Products/Services :- Concrete Spacer Plastic Mold

ENVIRONMENTAL WASTE CONTROLS PLC is an exporters of below materials, in case you Are interested to save money in importing the following materials below ? LDPE film 100% clean and clear transparent stock lots - ABS Scrap - Color Concentrate Pellets - Commingle PP and PET Straps - EPS Blocks / EPS Purge - HDPE Film in Bales / HDPE Film on Rolls / HDPE Mix Grade Regrind/ HDPE Pallets/ HDPE Pill Bottle Bales - LDPE A Grade Film on Rolls / LDPE Baled Film (A Grade) / LDPE Baled Film Nat (A Grade) / LDPE Pellets Nat - HDPE Bottles - LDPE Film Scrap - Electric Motor Scrap - Aluminium Extrusion - Aluminium UBC scrap

Products/Services :- Ldpe Repro Nat, Pet Bottles Scrap, Pet Flakes Scrap, Xray Film Scrap, Baby Diapers Bales Scrap, Copper Wire Scrap, Compressor Scrap, Aluminium Extrusion 6063 Scrap, Aluminum Engine Block Scrap, Aluminium Ingot Scrap, Alloy Wheels Scrap, Aluminum Ubc

Manufacturer of plastic hangers

Products/Services :- Plastic Hangers