Dhanawate Exim are the manufacturer of agricultural goods as well as distributors of pharmaceutical products
Products/Services :- Grapes, Tomatoes,Capsicum,Raisins,Kismis, Vegetables,Onions

Frank horticulture co is dealing with farming and export of avocados and honey,
Products/Services :- Avocados,Honey

RK GK General Supply is dealing with Raw Spices and Processed Spices
Products/Services :- Spices

Onja Uone Ltd started planting macadamia trees in the year 2000 and processing in the year 2019. We purchase most of our macadamia raw materials from small scale farmers at a fair price. The company, Onja Uone meaning "taste and see" is geared towards delivering the best quality macadamia product, Elgon Nuts, within the Western part of Kenya. Its mission is to "seek and apply proven knowledge to productive agricultural business through innovation, hard work, commitment, honesty and accountability", with an aim "to generate economic and social benefits" to the community at large for a better tomorrow.
Products/Services :- Macadamia Shelled Nuts - Bulk Selling

Products/Services :- Export All Agri & Allied Products

The Biobritte mushroom company is an ISO Certified company that has mushroom products and services.
Products/Services :- Mushrooms & Mushroom Seeds

Limited liability company
Products/Services :- Quality Soybeans, Soy Cake, Animal Feed Innoculants/Silaprime And Primalac.

We export premium quality fruits and vegetables from India.
Products/Services :- Fruits And Vegetables