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When Modern Stationery opened for business in 1987, we had modest ambitions and a natural reserve that matched the prevailing opportunities of a young city - Dubai. We focused on the education sector and under- stood it well. Recognition and a reputation for quality and value grew rapidly and we became a preferred outlet in the areas we served From pins to projectors and markers to magnetic-boards we have an inspiring range of products. And there's value built-in; built-in to the price, which is truly competitive and built-in to the quality which promises prime function and durability.


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Modern Stationery Llc
P.O. Box : 62600, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
Tele: +971 4 3471110
Fax : +971 4 3471881
Contact Name : Sreedhar Nair
Mobile : +971 5 04556870
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Website : http://Modern.dubaiexporters.com/