Welcome to Doby Verrolec Fze

The ultimate parent company is the global manufacturing group Heitkamp & Thumann , who specialise in the production of high precision metal parts throughout the world. Doby Verrolec operates all primary business from its headquarters in County Durham, from design through to manufacturing, supporting production and dispatch.

Regional distribution warehouses provide local stock availability to suit specific customer needs, and are supported by highly-trained external sales personnel, who are fully conversant with their own market sector's requirements.


Contact Details:
Doby Verrolec Fze
PO Box 42978
Hamriyah Free Zone Authority
Warehouse Ref WN13 / WN14
Sharjah, UAE
Tel : +971 6526 1502
FAX : +971 6526 1503
Contact Name : Mr. Ali Umair
Mobile : +971 60 6941573
Email : aliumair@dobyverrolec.ae
Email :
Website : http://Doby.dubaiexporters.com