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Kuhn & Partner Romania, Romania

Listed Under: Metalworking Machine Tools | Industrial and Machinery
Our company was established in 2001 to facilitate cross-border financing for Romanian customers and is owned by Kühn & Partner GmbH Hamburg, one of the oldest lease brokers in Germany. In 2008, we opened a yard where we stored transport vehicles taken back by various leasing companies. Our main activity became to remarket and sell assets from the following industries: transport vehicles, metal processing, woodworking, food processing, medical equipment, construction machinery, printing and packing machines. We aim to facilitate the partnership between banks and final clients.

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Used Industrial Machinery And Transport Vehicle Dealer

Kiklops Galanos, Bauer, Cemont, Icaro, Lincoln, Maticut , Miller , Omes, Rectimat, Stema-Pedax, Trumpf, Cmak, Mep, Eco, Twinmaster

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Company: Kuhn & Partner Romania
Address: Calea Aradlului 23, Bl. P64, Ap. 39
Telephone: 0040-359/175.575
Fax: 0040-259/426.248

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