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China Fiber Optics Technology Co., Ltd., China

Listed Under: Telephone Equipment and Accessories | IT / Telecom / Electronics
China fiber Optics Technology Co., Ltd. provides high quality fiber optic products: fiber optic patch cord, fiber optic connector, fiber optic adaptor, FTTH fast connector, patch cord production line equipment, fiber optic patch panel and fiber optic splitter. Besides, for patch cord production line equipment, Carefiber also provides insertion and return loss tester, interferometer test machine, connector tip microscope, connector crimping machine, connector polishing machine, connector heating oven, automatic cable cutting machine, etc. With advanced fiber optical technology, strict quality control system, superior staff and ISO 9001 certified, Carefiber has built strong partnership with many great companies throughout the world. Welcome to visit our homepage for more information.

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Fiber Optic Products


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Company: China Fiber Optics Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: F3 Building No.4, Shi'ao Second Industrial Park, Dalang, Longhua, Shenzhen
Telephone: 86-755-61562392
Fax: 86-755-61562366

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