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Techniche Occupational Hygiene & Safety Requisites Trading Llc, United Arab Emirates

Listed Under: Safety and Security | Building and Interiors
If PPE is uncomfortable or doesn't fit well, workers may alter it or not wear it as designed in order to minimize their discomfort. This results in their safety being compromised. At TECHNICHE we believe that exceptional protective gear works hard to keep the user safe without compromising on comfort. Our focus hence is on supplying sensible safety solutions for the Middle Eastern weather. The first set of products we bring to you target heat stress management and sun protection. In PPE design, comfort & style are often low on the priority scale resulting in inconvenient, ill-fitting and unattractive products that lack user appeal. Uncomfortable PPE can often spur non-compliance. The harsh weather conditions in the Middle East necessitates PPE that takes into account several performance

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Cooling Apparel, Sun Protection Clothing

Techniche International(Usa), Technoavia, Klopmann, Coolstory

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Company: Techniche Occupational Hygiene & Safety Requisites Trading Llc
Address: Po Box 393135
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971555590438
Fax: NA

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